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My name is Sofia, I live in the beautiful city of Miami. I am educated and cultured enough to move around on any social stage such as business conference or ball. I love modeling. It is a wonderful opportunity to savor life in all its facets. Fun and eroticism, sensuality and romance, intelligence and imagination are what leads to a successful meeting.

My style tends to be elegant – a mix of ladylike and avant-garde, combined with a restrained and subtle dose of sex appeal. I am charming, curious, balanced, self-confident and interested in many things. I enjoy exciting conversations about various topics, but I also like fooling around with you with a cocktail at the bar.

I am creative, energetic and passionate. I like to travel and meet interesting people who are happy in life. I also enjoy interesting conversation over a glass of wine and like things to happen naturally.

I live a healthy lifestyle and I believe that diet and exercise are very important. I do yoga, Pilates and love tennis. I also enjoy gourmet food in restaurants with good company. The people I choose to spend time with are intelligent, well-groomed, and well-mannered.

Your Sofia

Based in              Miami, FL

Height                  5’8″

Age                     Late 20s

Bust                    34D

Eyes                    Green

Hair                    Blonde